Alpine Valley German Shepherds is a premier German Shepherd breeder. We sell black and red German Shepherd puppies from top quality champion German Shepherd bloodlines. We specialize in healthy red and black puppies that are intelligent and protective but not aggressive. We provide service after the sale and are always happy to answer health and nutrition questions and help to you if your puppy has any training or behavior issues. We do temperament testing to help assure that the right puppy is matched with the right home and ship all over the US and Canada. If you like to visit our new kennels, please call and let us know when you would like to come. We're located in Rice, Washington.

Our goal is to provide you with a German Shepherd puppy that will grow up to be a family guardian that is a protective but safe member of the family and the community. Our puppies are intelligent and healthy with beautiful conformation.

Our puppies generally are purchased by families as protective companions but many will also be trained in the fields of search and rescue, Schutzhund (German for protection dog) service dogs for persons with disabilities, and some just for plain old fun like catching the frisbee!

We urge all buyers to seek out professionally sponsored obedience classes for their dog and to socialize them with both other animals and people in order that they will become good citizens.

When you buy a German Shepherd puppy from Alpine Valley German Shepherds, you are buying a healthy, well bred dog that will bring you many years of happiness and fulfillment. The majority of our customers are prior German Shepherd owners, and are wanting to replace another German Shepherd dog that brought them so much happiness, or to add another one to their family.